Young Rebecca Verington is a young archaeologist with a missing sister, but when murders start to occur in and around Arkham, it becomes clear that her sister is involved when they find the Elder Necklace. With the help of Jack Hauser, and an old rival colleague, she enters a world of horror beyond description, as she attempts to solve a mystery in order to find her missing sister.

With numerous, inexplicable horrors on the way she soon finds the cosmic terror that plagues Arkham and the neighboring Innsmouth. This form of terror would be enough to drive Rebecca mad as it lies in it's home of R'Lyeh, dead and dreaming.



Cast & Crew

Directed by Leonel Ortega-Valdez

Holly Hacker.... Rebecca Verington

Yerushalom Viertel.. Stephanie Wells


Suitable for Ages +13 for Brief Nudity, Horror Violence, Language and Frightning Moments.

Status: In Production.